Our People

GRP Consulting Group has  the expertise and reputation for converting great ideas into a successful execution. The strength of the group’s capabilities are in its people, Theo Pittas and  his team are some of the industry’s most respected efficiency experts. Together, a powerhouse of insight, knowledge and experience.

Theo Pittas

In a highly accomplished career of 25 years in the insurance industry, Theo Pittas held a senior management role for a leading corporate insurer, managing one of the largest Claims Assessment teams in Australia. Theo has since provided his expertise through consultancy services to several other large insurers, and the automotive businesses where he continues to provide the conduit to assist small business to achieve a commercially sustainable model and adapt to business growth as the smash repair industry consolidates.

As an accomplished leader, Theo Pittas has acquired an enviable reputation in the insurance industry for his highly effective negotiating capabilities as well as executing strategic, effective and efficient claims cost models, which has proven effective in developing a number of commercially sustainable small businesses through the transition towards consolidation.
The high regard in which Theo is held by the industry is testament to his credibility, while his achievements, breadth of his knowledge and the height of his expertise reflect the deep understanding he has for the industry.

Theo has specialist experience in the area of motor insurance, and carries deep understanding of Preferred Repairer Network models, liaising and developing automotive smash repair businesses through a period of consolidation with the major insurers which is currently being experienced. Through Theo’s experience and as consolidation of the smash repair industry evolves, GRP Consulting Group realises the need for both insurers and smash repairers to operate in a better quality assured environment removing the inconsistencies currently being experienced. Moving forward it is critical for the customer experience to be aligned with quality framework outcomes each and every time from the lodgement of a claim through to the delivery of the finished repairs delivered to the customer. GRP Consulting Group has the expertise to independently provide quality assurance models to cater for individual business needs to support a consistent and robust customer experience.

Credentials and Qualifications

  • Postgraduate Diploma Financial Services and Certificate Business Administration, Small Business Management.

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