Our Company

GRP Consulting Group was formed in 2014 with the intent of working in collaboration with the insurance and automotive industry by incorporating a streamlined approach to outsourcing specialised services. A need for a reliable, impartial and highly skilled team with the capability to provide solutions to a wide range of issues across the full spectrum of the industry.

When quality fails we seek resolution. GRP is renowned for our impartial and authentic manner in which we assist consumers by delivering quality outcomes underpinned by GRP’s unwavering values of doing what is right not what is easy.

GRP offers one of the most outstanding and comprehensive range of specialist services including quality control frameworks to support smash repairers achieve a commercial advantage from their competitors. As the industry continues to consolidate the need for quality control has never been greater to deliver consistent quality of repair for consumers.

Consulting Group.

When Quality Fails We Seek Resolution.

Specialist services proven to deliver you practical solutions to achieve your performance objectives.

GRP Consulting Group is ideally positioned to deliver reliable, impartial and independent advice and direction on even the most complex cases.

From a head office in Sydney’s southern fringe, GRP Consulting Group operates throughout Australia and New Zealand providing services to both private and government clients.