Core Values


GRP is committed to creating strong, long-term relationships with our customers. We provide superior value by exceeding customer expectations, doing what is ‘right’ and ‘making a difference’.


Honesty, integrity and impeccable ethical behaviour drive our decisions and performance. We believe honourable behaviour reaps its rewards.


GRP directly attributes much of its success to its outstanding personnel. Personnel with talent, expertise, professionalism, capabilities and a winning attitude, achieving creative positive returns for both the business and the customer.


GRP constantly strives to unlock innovative opportunities, improve efficiency and productivity, strengthen our relationships and seize opportunities in new markets.

GRP Consulting Group head office is located in Sydney and from this hub, the group operates through Australia and New Zealand.

Clients are afforded the respect of dealing directly with the most senior personnel to ensure every project receives the highest level of expertise and to ensure clear, concise channels of communications.

The GRP experts provide clients with the expertise and insights to implement effective solutions for businesses seeking the competitive edge.

Operating Principles

GRP Consulting Group is a world-class provider of innovative performance solutions that support our customers’ requirements, initiatives and goals.

You deserve project work carried out to the highest ethical standards and with utmost integrity and GRP deliver exactly that.

Business ethics are the foundation of GRP Consulting Group.

GRP Consulting Group. Relationships built through respect.

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