GRP Consulting Group is the edge
for insurance claims, automotive services and customer dispute resolution.

GRP is a specialist business advisory firm to the insurance and automotive industry, we intuitively listen for what is important to our client’s needs and present distinct business strategies. Through these strategies our clients, both private and government, are provided with unique insights, practical advice and real solutions which enables their business to achieve a competitive advantage and sustained business growth.

With our experience at GRP, we recognised the need to support consumers, small business and fleet companies with an impartial and pragmatic view of dispute resolution, providing our expert knowledge of insurance policy terms and jargon’s required to support our customers through complex complaints.  The dispute resolution support we offer is a specialised service for customers that have suffered a poor quality experience with motor vehicle or home building repairs completed through their insurance claim.

In a highly competitive industry, companies are constantly seeking the edge over their rivals.

An edge, which reduces costs, increases productivity, streamlines processes, optimises the supply chain and improves their bottom line.
An edge, which will enable them to deliver better products and services, improving the customer experience consistently through robust quality assurance frameworks  and achieve a commercially sustainable business growth.

Specialist support for insurance claims, customer dispute resolution and automotive services

Developed on a solid foundation of a deep understanding and knowledge of the insurance and automotive industries and a wealth of hands-on experience across these fields. GRP is an invaluable resource and provides an excellent platform for companies to achieve an efficient and proven execution with measurable results across a range of sectors. With this experience GRP offers the insurance customers the support and confidence that GRP will do what is right and not what is easy!

With our insurance expertise GRP is confident in providing consumers the edge when they have suffered a poor quality repair outcome to their motor vehicle or home building leading to a consumer complaint. GRP intrinsically understands the dispute resolution process and the requirements for lodging complaints on your behalf with the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA).

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Professional, Precise, Passionate

A team of financial services efficiency experts, passionate about the industry, who understand its competitive nature and its challenges.

A team with an impressive track record in their specialties and an enviable reputation for long-term, strong relationships with contacts, suppliers and partners.

A team, which is poised, prepared and ready to work collaboratively with you to achieve your objectives.

Our team will give you the edge.

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